Phedimus obstusifolius

Michael's Opinion

An easy to grow and attractive rock garden sedum that spreads through seedlings but rather slowly; thus easy to manage. Beautiful when in bloom.

Botanical Information

SynonymsSedum obtusifolium
ReferencesWalker, Colin C. (2017). Introducing the genus Phedimus. New Zealand Cactus & Succulent Journal, 70(2) pp. 4–7.


USDA Hardiness Ref.
Canada Hardiness Ref.
RHS Hardiness ZoneH7
RHS Hardiness Ref.
Height5 cm
Spread10 cm
Flowering PeriodJune, July, August

Description and Growing Information

ShapeLow growing and forming small clumps.
LandscapeAs a rock or scree garden plant or as a potted plant in a trough or alpine bulb pan.
PropagationEasily by seed where conditions are suitable, but also through division of clumps and stem cuttings.
CultivationFull sun in lean soils but with occasional watering in times of drought.
PestsNone of note.
Notable SpecimensThe A.M. Cuddy Gardens, Strathroy, Ontario, Canada.