World Plants contains an ever-growing database of plants and plant related information that has been garnered through experience in the garden and landscape and through my travels around the world. All of the plants on this website have been viewed 'up close and personal': this is not a collection of images from the Internet and re-posted but a resource of real experience.

The database is frequently updated with plant profiles, conference and lecture presentations, articles and papers covering the many facets of plants and plant use. Although based in Canada I hope it finds uses outside our national boundaries as my travels take me around the world.

As you read through the more developed plant profiles you will realize that I can be quite opinionated and sometimes blunt about my experiences with a specific species of plant. However after removing with digger masses of Sorbaria sorbifolia that became quite mischievous I can state that there are no bad plants only poor uses of plants. Hence my opinion on another garden thug, Acer platanoides

This website is the result of not only my personal efforts but the work of many individuals. I thank the many students who continually add to it through their research and quest for knowledge. It is because of this curiosity that this resource was developed and it is with their continued enthusiasm that it grows.

As always images and information on this site is copyright. It may be used for non-commercial uses by simply referencing the source as follows: © Michael Pascoe, . For commercial use please use the contact form to discuss your needs.

Your comments, concerns and opinions are always welcome. If you would like to contribute to this site please contact us with your plant/s specialty.

Michael Pascoe