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Perennial plants typically live for several growing seasons and are usually herbaceous in nature. A broad cross-section of plants is found in this category and includes short and long-lived perennials as well as sub-shrubs, geophytes, half-hardy plants and biennials all of which are hardy to the Northern Hemispheres temperate ranges. Examples of sub-shrubs, that have woody stems but may die back to the ground in severe winters include Perovskia atriplicifolia and Buddleia davidii while plants such as Incarvillea compacta may in some cases be half-hardy in their more northerly ranges. Biennials such as Verbascum phoenicum complete their lifecycle in two years but are often persistent in the landscape through self-seeding while many perennial geophytes such as Narcissus and Tulipa kaufmanniana are also found in this category but are also listed under the bulb section of the website.


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